About Us / Finding Eden LLC

   Finding Eden all started back when Amber Shaeffer attended a jewelry party with one of her friends.  The party was a typical fun environment filled with opportunities to purchase items specifically designed for women.  Amber looked at the mothers bracelet and fell in love with the idea and look.  The design, the meaning, the creativity all contributed to the passion Amber began by creating one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces to wear for herself.  As Amber would go out with friends or go to church or other events, ladies would ask where the jewelry came from.  When the reply was, "I made it" many would ask to see more.  In 2003 Amber decided that she would get semi-serious and learn techniques and educate herself about the art.  Since the initial learning Amber has created over 3,000 unique pieces that women all over the world are talking about.

  Lisa Olson moved to Fond du Lac in 2009 and her creativity and design ability undoubtedly made a huge increase in the Finding Eden product lines.  Lisa's forte lands with her artistic eye and push to create the next new fashion design. Lisa has a degree in interior decorating and has worked in the fashion field for more than a decade.  Her intuition and personality help to produce unique types of accessories.  Fashion accessories are created using Lisa's fabric secrets and latest design imagination.   

  In 2009  Amber Shaeffer and Lisa Olson decided to get serious and create a business to share their creativity with everybody.  Finding Eden was formed as a small business venture initially as a seasonal business, however growth and demand have paved the way to now offer all of our unique products with our online store. 

  Amber and Lisa are sisters and have worked together for years but now they share Finding Eden as a business together for the benefit of their friends and clients.  Visit our Facebook page to keep up with the development of the business.